Man said Google Maps told him to ‘drive into a tree’ when lost in the wilderness

A man went viral on Twitter after sharing a story of how Google Maps once instructed him to ‘drive into a tree’ when he was completely lost.

Twitter user Alfred, @CallMeAlfredo, from Accra, Ghana, was following the instructions given to him online and he became completely lost ‘in the bush’.

Then things went from bad to worse, as the next set of directions told Alfred to drive into a tree.

The bizarre tweet has now been shared by over 700 users, and many others flocked to the post to comment their Google Maps nightmares and mishaps.

Taking to Twitter, Alfred wrote: “Not Google maps leading us into the bush and having the audacity to say, ‘turn left’. Into the mango tree?”

One user added: “I’ll never forget the day we used Google Maps to travel to Calabar by road. Before we knew it, we were in one village with a dead end. Google maps said we should continue going.”

Another added: “That’s how my mum and I were going to Dodowa with Google maps and we end up using some unrelated roads to go. Since then I’ve never trusted Google.”

A third wrote: “Will never forget accepting a shorter route to Kpetoe via Sogakope. The beginning of the road was tarred and all seemed well until the tarred portion ended and portions of the road seemed like bush path/tracks.

“Gone too far and it was getting late. Had to complete journey through the bush.”

The news comes following reports of issues in the new update for Google Maps on Android devices.

Autoevolution reports that users have had problems loading location links sent to them and many have blamed a recent update.

Reports say no workaround has been discovered so far as the glitch overall has become more widespread.

Google has been approached for a comment about the accuracy of their navigation feature.