Man’s strict lunch rule for wife slammed as he demands she make it when told

A woman has asked for advice after her husband told her to have his lunch ready at 1pm.

The wife explained that he would say when he wants his lunch then would disappear to work for hours.

She took to Mumsnet’s ‘Am I Being Unreasonable’ forum to ask for advice on the controversial topic.

According to the woman, who goes by the name ‘diydh’ on the site, her husband says to her: “Please have lunch ready for 1pm. Thank you.”

Curious to see whether it was normal, she added: “I’m interested to know if anyone else’s husband would say this in the morning before disappearing into his office for several hours. Please be honest.”

Unsurprisingly, mum’s rushed to share their views on her husband’s demands, and they were less than impressed.

One person said: “Tell him if he wants lunch at 1pm sharp to make it himself.”

Another added: “No, he can ask his maid to do that [not] his wife!”

“No it’s very rude,” said a third.

“When me and my husband work from home together, if I’m making us both lunch we might have a conversation about what time would work best if we need to work around meetings etc. But he would never dare say that.”

Someone else said they’d laugh in their husband’s face if they asked her to make him lunch.

She wrote: “Hell, no, because I’d laugh him out of the house! If he wants lunch, he gets it himself or if you feel like making him a sandwich, then maybe offer.

“Does he always do this? Is lunch a formal affair at your house? Ours is generally sandwiches, soup, Pot Noodles. We rarely have the same thing. I’d tell him to f*** off, quite frankly.”

One person wondered whether he’s just “used to having a PA and giving them directions.”

They suggested: “Have a gentle word with him that you didn’t like the way he told you to have his lunch ready might just make him realise.

And when someone else asked how he’d react if she hadn’t made him lunch, she said “there would be a vibe” and she’d feel “guilty”.

What do you think about the husband’s demand? Is he being cheeky?