Should Apple Launch a 15-inch iPad?

Cupertino-based giant Apple does not have many smart home products out there. The company holds the smallest market share when it comes to smart home offerings, as compared to rivals like Amazon and Google that control a majority of the smart home market. Apple has, however, previously been reported to be bringing a 15-inch iPad, which, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out in his latest piece, could make for the perfect Hub for a smart home setup.

In his piece, Gurman points out how Amazon’s Echo Show with a 15-inch display is a compelling device for checking the weather, controlling a smart home appliance, watching security footage, and the likes. He says that a bi touchscreen is a good platform for OEMs and developers, if they choose to take advantage of it, in terms of being a smart home device. The Bloomberg report says that the speakers and mic on the Amazon Echo Show 15 provide a solid experience for all kinds of usability – Alexa commands, watching videos, listening to music, and more.

With this, Gurman says that it is time for Apple to launch the large 15-inch iPad and work towards giving people the ability of making that a smart home hub of sorts. Gurman also points out that Apple can make a much better 15-inch smart home hub, as the Amazon Echo Show 15 comes with its rough edges like a thick design, sluggish and limited software, and a sub-par camera.

Gurman had, back in June, reported that Apple is, in fact, looking into a 15-inch iPad variant. He had back then said that Apple may make the device thicker to fit bigger speakers and relocate the camera to a landscape-first orientation. Gurman, in his latest piece, says that if made reality, the 15-inch iPad with smart home capabilities “will immediately have an edge over Amazon in software.” “The best part is that the product could double-up as a regular iPad or a laptop replacement that users can take anywhere,” he said.

However, there are two major caveats. First, as with other Apple products, a 15-inch iPad Pro will be expensive. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs Rs 99,900 onwards in India, so a 15-inch variant will be much more expensive. Second, there will be work in order to let Siri understand users better and tap into third-party services and take desired action.